Modern Problems of Laser METROLOGY

The Workshop on "Modern Problems of Laser Metrology" will bring together scientists interested in theoretical and experimental aspects in the field of Laser Metrology.

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) has made a decision to provide the financial support for the Modern Problems of Laser Metrology Workshop in Lerici, Italy, on October 19-21, 2009.

The principal goal of the workshop is to discuss recent results and advances made in the theoretical and experimental research in the field of Laser Metrology. The workshop will provide a wide exchange of research achievements and ideas, mutually beneficial international collaboration in science and technology, and coordination of fundamental and applied research in the above - mentioned field of science. The Workshop will consist of oral presentations and open discussions.

Venue: 19-21 October 2009

-Centro TIRESIA-

Via Matteotti, 61 - 19032 Lerici (SP), Italy -google map link-



1. Stable Lasers and Applications;

2. Microwave Standards and Synthesis;

3. Cold Atom Optical Standards and Techniques;

4. Trapped Ion Optical Standards;

5. Femtosecond Metrology;

6. Quantum metrology and fundamental constants;

7. Optical Clocks;

8. New Technologies applied in laser metrology;

9. Laser metrology in the areas of health, environmental and telecommunications;

10. Precision Measurements.


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