1. Stable Lasers and Applications;

2. Microwave Standards and Synthesis;

3. Cold Atom Optical Standards and Techniques;

4. Trapped Ion Optical Standards;

5. Femtosecond Metrology;

6. Quantum metrology and fundamental constants;

7. Optical Clock;

8. New Technologies applied in laser metrology;

9. Laser metrology in the areas of health, environmental and telecommunications;

10. Precision Measurements.


Organizing committee:
-S. N. Bagayev (Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS)
-V. I. Denisov (Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS)
-N. Beverini (University of Pisa)
-G. M. Tino (LENS-University of Florence)
-A. Godone (INRIM)
-N. Poli (LENS-University of Florence)
-F. Levi (INRIM)

Modern Problems of Laser METROLOGY

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