Welcome to N. Poli’s website. I'm an experimental physicist working in the field of Atomic-Molecular and Optical (A.M.O.) physics. My focus is on precision measurements done with ultra-cold atoms for fundamental physics tests and application.

I work in the beautiful city of Florence inside the Scientific Campus in Sesto Fiorentino, in close collaboration with leading Italian research centers LENS, CNR-INO, INFN.

Here you can learn more about me and my research interests. If you are willing to join the group, follow this link



  • July2018 - Bachelor's degree of Giovanni Gangale
    Thesis on Realization and characterization of a high-finesse optical cavity for the generation of non-classical atomic states
  • June2018 - Bachelor's degree of Omar A. Karim.
    Thesis on Realization and characterization of a strontium atomic beam for loading a conical magneto-optical trap
  • June2018 - ERC Project TICTOCGRAV started! ...more info
    TICTOCGRAV - Exploring Gravity with Ultra-cold Cadmium and Strontium Optical Clocks and Bragg Interferometers will explore the limits of contemporary physics with a new generation of atomic quantum sensors, namely optical atomic clocks and atomic gravimeters
  • March2018 - EU project TAIOL started! ...more info
    TAIOL - Trapped Atom Interferometers in Optical Lattices is a project under the QUANTERA - Cofund Initiative in Quantum Technologies - call
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